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Continuous Training

We believe our employees are the most valuable resources to achieve our success. To ensure the quality of our employees at all levels and to secure a stable supply of future generations of management personnel, we have set up the training committee to organize and oversee a comprehensive training program for our employees. The goal of the training programs is to train our employees and to identify talent, with the aim of providing upward mobility within our Company, fostering employee loyalty and incorporating customized mentoring, coaching and training. We continuously provide tailored trainings and career guidance to our incoming and existing employees on general and technical knowledge and skills including first aid, safety, integrated management system, risk assessment, cost control, project management, project experience sharing, green and environmental protection and latest legal compliances and requirements and specialised knowledge in their respective service segments.

We believe our training programs also help to promote internal upward mobility, which not only increases employee retention rates, but also produces the type and quality of management personnel needed for our expanding business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group strives to build an outstanding team of staff and encourages staff and their family members to participate in volunteering activities to build a harmonious society.

Environmental Concern

In delivering our E&M engineering works, we aim to ensure that all services are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that a successful environment management is important for us to meet customers’ demand in environment protection and to ensure healthy growth and sustainable development of our business. In this connection, we have set up environmental management system to promote environmental awareness and to prevent pollution of the environment.

Our environmental management system currently in place was accredited by HKQAA with ISO14001 certification. Some of our environmental protection measures include:

  1. determining what activities may result in significant impact to the environment and ensure that those significant environmental aspects are taken into account in establishing, implementing and maintaining our environmental management system;
  2. ensuring that we are committed to regulatory compliance and comply with industry best practices from an environmental perspective in undertaking our activities; and
  3. taking into consideration the legal and other requirements, the significant environmental aspects, technological, financial, operational and other business requirements when establishing and reviewing our environmental objectives so that they are consistent with a commitment to pollution prevention.
Occupational Safety and Health

Due to the nature of our industry, incidents at the worksites may have detrimental effects on the health and safety of our workers, and our workers are valuable to our Group and to the successful execution of the E&M engineering projects. We endeavor to comply with all relevant laws and regulations on labour, health and safety by routine evaluation of the hazards of our projects and work out feasible working procedures in a way convenient and effective to operators which are reviewed and updated periodically to maintain its effectiveness.

Generally, the main contractors of construction projects will have established the workplace safety and health procedures which all their subcontractors, including us and our subcontractors, are required to comply with on-site. For every project, our on-site safety officer/safety supervisor will ensure that work place safety procedures are adhered to by our employees and by the employees of our subcontractors in conjunction with the safety officers of the main contractors.