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FSE Environmental Solutions Limited provides solutions for sustainable future in 3 areas:

Environment Solutions

We have a full range of environment solutions including comprehensive water treatment for HVAC systems, design and installation of electro-chlorination technologies for district cooling system, deodorization at refuse collection stations. We provide environmental consultancy, energy and carbon audit, and improvement plans to achieve various green standards such as BEAM Plus and Excellent IAQ. We apply nano-technology, FSEcoZone, at certain areas to ensure water quality and safety. Together, we aim to deliver zero carbon emissions to fight against climate change.

Smart Solutions

We deliver smart solutions through electro-low-voltage (ELV) installation, design and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, audio and video systems (AV) and various smart facilities by our IoT brand, FioTech. We modify ordinary offices and washrooms into smart ones, enabling users to monitor the efficiency and safety with sensors and big data platform supports.

Green Solutions

To enhance the green space at public and private areas, we offer horticultural maintenance, tree risk assessment and tree care services. We design indoor and outdoor green areas for luxurious hotels, apartments, government and utilities, residential buildings, exhibition centres, universities, local and international schools. During festival periods, we supply and install plants to celebrate these special occasions. In addition to the soft landscape, we supply green building materials for hard landscaping such as European tiles with anti-bacterial technology. With our expertise, we balance the functional and aesthetic needs to satisfy our clients.

Company Logo

FSE Lifestyle Services Limited is a listed company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0331.HK), whose ultimate holding company is FSE Holdings Limited. We are a leading lifestyle services conglomerate with 3 major business segments: property & facility management services, city essential services and E&M services.

Our services are being delivered through 8 major groups of companies which have all been the market leaders in their respective industries. They include Urban Group, Kiu Lok Group, Waihong Services Group, FSE Environmental Technologies Group, Hong Kong Island Landscape Company Limited, General Security Group, Nova Insurance Group and FSE Engineering Group.

With their professionalism and expertise, together with the extensive synergies generated among the companies under FSE Lifestyle, we are able to build up a strong network and offer comprehensive “one-stop shop” professional services to our clients who are engaged in a wide diversity of projects, including property developments, public infrastructures, education and transportation facilities, as well as entertainment and travel industries in Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland China.

Our clientele includes the HKSAR Government, multinational corporations, owners and investors of properties, theme parks, universities, hotels and hospitals covering both private and public facilities. We devise solutions for our clients providing cost efficiency and service excellence at all stages of their projects.

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