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Message from Director

During the past decade, environmental technology has been seen as a crucial element and becoming a raising trend in the industry, both for boosting technological development and commercial sales.

“Creativity”, “Execution”, “Inheritance” and “Unity” are the four values that we have always embraced and carried through our R&D processes to product launch in the market. Working together in unity with well established environmental technology that we have built up through years, we are now delivering one-stop environmental services for both construction and building services industries.

In 1980s, “Joneson Environmental Technologies Ltd.” and “Environmental Pioneers & Solutions Ltd.” were established, led by a group of environmental specialists. In 2013, “FSE Environmental Laboratory Services Ltd.” was also established, and we have successfully obtained the HOKLAS standard of environmental testing services accredited by the HKSAR for serving the public.

I strongly believe that environmental technology is a key driver in achieving sustainable development for our community. Looking forward, FSE Environmental Technologies Group will explore new technologies continuously while providing quality training to our staffs, contributing to the sustainable growth of environmental industry.

Mr. Rocky Poon
Mr. Rocky Poon