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Building Materials

Extensive Trading Co., Ltd. is renowned in the construction industry with over 30 years of experience. Today we are one of the leading firms selling extensive building services products. Our people are highly experienced and professional in providing reliable and guaranteed services and products to our clients in Hong Kong, China and Macau. Over the years, we have been awarded a substantial number of projects. Our competitiveness lies in our reliable products and professional as well as a sound financial background supplemented by the support from our mother company.

Carlos 1990 Co is a subsidiary of Extensive Trading Co., Ltd. It is an established supplier of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) equipment such as air purifier, smoke detector, power equipment, valve and Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) control and equipment.

Control Device - Belimo

Control Device - Honeywell

Control Device - Sontay

Control Device Sontay Water Detection zoom_in

Control Device - Sontay Water Detection

IAQ QEL zoom_in


IAQ Macurco zoom_in

IAQ - Macurco

IAQ Dynamic zoom_in

IAQ - Dynamic

Energy Saving ISOIL zoom_in

Energy Saving - ISOIL

Energy Saving Kamstrup zoom_in

Energy Saving - Kamstrup

Plate Heat Exchangers Hisaka zoom_in

Plate Heat Exchangers - Hisaka

Humidifiers Armstrong zoom_in

Humidifiers - Armstrong

Heaters Stokes zoom_in

Heaters - Stokes

Pipe Fittings - Nisshin

Pipe Fittings - ORK

Pipe Fittings - PMJ